AI & Big Data Expo: Ethical AI integration and future trends

Jan. 01, 2024.
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Zheng first explained how over a decade working in digital marketing and e-commerce sparked her interest more recently in data analytics and artificial intelligence as machine learning has become hugely popular.

At Canon, Zheng’s team focuses on ethically integrating AI into business by first mapping current and potential AI applications across areas like marketing and e-commerce. They then analyse and assess risks to ensure compliance with regulations.

Canon is actively mapping out AI applications and assessing risks, as Grace explained, “to align with regulations such as the EU legislations.”

As founder of Kosh Duo, Zheng also provides coaching to help businesses scale up through the use of AI marketing and data-driven approaches. She coaches professionals on achieving greater recognition and rewards by leveraging AI tools as well.

A key challenge she encounters is misunderstandings around what AI truly means – many conflate it solely with chatbots like ChatGPT rather than appreciating the full breadth of machine learning, neural networks, natural language processing, and more that enable today’s AI.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions, definitely. One of the biggest fears, as I touched on, is the very generic understanding that GPT equals AI,” says Zheng. “[Kosh Duo] provides coaching services to businesses to scale to the next level using AI marketing and data-driven approaches.”

When asked about trends to watch, Zheng emphasised the need for continual learning given how rapidly the field evolves. She expects that 2024 will be an “awakening year” where businesses truly grasp AI’s potential and individuals appreciate the need to evaluate their current skillsets.

The interview highlighted the transformative but often misunderstood power of AI in business and the importance of developing specialised skills to properly harness it. Zheng stressed that with the right ethical foundations and coaching, AI and machine learning can become positive forces to drive growth rather than something to fear.

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